OWCP Doctors “Near Me” in McAllen

The OWCP doctors at Alivio Health and Rehab in McAllen Texas are skilled healthcare providers and OWCP experts dedicated to serving injured federal workers with exceptional injury care and expert OWCP claims assistance.

Alivio’s team of OWCP forms experts can help you with your C.A.1, C.A.2, C.A.7, C.A.20, and all other OWCP forms. Alivio’s OWCP claims experts are confident in helping postal workers, T.S.A. employees, V.A. workers, and all other injured federal workers get their D.O.L. injury claims approved by the Department of Labor, even if they were previously denied.

Alivio prioritizes injured federal workers, placing their injury care and compensation needs at the forefront. The OWCP doctors resist external pressures to expedite rehabilitation or prematurely return patients to work. At Alivio, injured federal workers feel heard, respected, and properly cared for.

And Alivio’s D.O.L. OWCP doctors never bill the patients. All services, from consultations to medical exams and physio therapy are billed to the United States Department of Labor in accordance with the Office of Workers Compensation Program. Injured federal workers pay nothing out-of-pocket for their OWCP injury care.

The Federal Employees Compensation Act gives injured federal workers the right to choose their OWCP doctor. Choose Alivio Health & Rehab in McAllen, where you’ll receive complimentary claims assistance and compliant treatment by the best OWCP doctors in the Rio Grand Valley. Get started today by calling or going online to schedule a free consultation with an OWCP expert.