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The OWPC forms experts at Alivio Health & Rehab in McAllen provide free OWCP claims assistance for injured federal workers.

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    If you file your OWCP forms incorrectly you could lose your benefits. We can help!

    Free OWCP Claims Assistance

    The OWCP forms experts at Alivio Federal Injury Centers stand out as leaders in McAllen’s Rio Grande Valley, offering injured federal workers exceptional injury care, rehabilitation, and OWCP forms and claims assistance. While McAllen has many talented doctors, our seasoned DOL doctors have expertise in navigating complex FECA and OWCP regulations which sets us apart. We seamlessly combine top-tier medical care with OWCP claims support, ensuring injured federal employees receive the comprehensive attention and rightful compensation they deserve, leading to a smooth and successful recovery.

    Our DOL Credentialed Doctors, Federal Workers Compensation Doctors, & OWCP Experts treat injured federal workers and provide free claims assistance for OWCP forms (CA-1, CA-2, etc.)…

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    Helping Injured Federal Workers w/ OWCP Claims

    Have you been injured working for the post office, TSA, VA, or any of the other federal government agencies? If so, did you know the Federal Employees’ Compensation Act (FECA) gives you the right to choose your own treating doctor? That means you don’t have to choose the “company doctor” who may not have your best interests in mind. You can choose the OWCP doctors and OWCP forms experts at Alivio Health & Rehab in McAllen who provide complimentary OWCP forms assistance and excellent injury care by experienced DOL Doctors. Schedule your free consultation today to meet with an OWCP expert by phone who can help you with your OWCP forms…

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    OWCP Injury Claims

    Our OWCP forms experts are committed to delivering outstanding injury care and expert support for OWCP claims to federal workers who have been injured. Our dedicated OWCP team guides them through the OWCP forms and claims process with compassion, strict adherence to medical guidelines, and compliance with federal regulations. Our unwavering goal is their rehabilitation and return to normalcy, as we believe that our federal workers deserve nothing but the best.

    Here are some commonly used OWCP forms that injured federal workers need when submitting a claim and identifying a treating doctor (attending physician). If you need assistance accessing or accurately completing these forms, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at (956) 679-3451 for complimentary claims assistance.

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