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The personal injury doctors and auto accident injury care experts at Alivio Injury Care Clinic in McAllen treat car accident injuries under attorneys’ letters of protection (LOP).

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    We Work With the Best Personal Injury Lawyers in Texas to Provide the Medical Care You Need After an Auto Accident!

    Auto Injury Doctor in McAllen

    The personal injury doctors at Alivio Health & Rehab provide excellent care for auto accident injuries. We can also help refer you to a local personal injury lawyer if you need representation to get the compensation and care you deserve. We are experienced in treating whip lash treatment, treatment for neck pain after a car accident, back pain, and several other car accident injuries.

    If you’ve been involved in motor vehicle accident, it is recommended that you come in for a free consultation. Oftentimes, injuries or symptoms may not manifest right away, but can worsen and become more noticeable over time. It’s advised to work with an experience personal injury doctor soon after an auto accident in order to get the proper treatment to prevent the worsening of symptoms. Call Alivio’s personal injury doctors today at the number below to get a free phone consultation. We provide care under your attorney’s LOP meaning you won’t pay Alivio a single penny out-of-pocket.

    Our DOL Credentialed Doctors, Federal Workers Compensation Doctors, & OWCP Experts treat injured federal workers and provide free claims assistance for OWCP forms (CA-1, CA-2, etc.)…

    Personal injury clinic treating auto accident injuries. We work with the best personal injury lawyers in Texas to provide excellent care under their Letter of Protection (LOP)….

    Alivio Health & Rehab provides top-notch Direct Primary Care for individuals and families in the Rio Grande Valley. Click below to learn more about our Direct Primary Care…

    Personal Injury Doctors Treating Auto Accident Injuries

    Our personal injury doctors treat car accident injury and work with the best personal injury attorneys in Texas to provide excellent medical care and injury rehab for auto accidents. We take Letters of Protection (LOP) so you pay nothing out of pocket for your medical care. We have a great working relationship with the best personal injury attorneys in Texas. That’s why so many who have been in an auto accident in South Texas choose our personal injury doctors. We offer excellent claims assistance and top-notch rehabilitation in compliance with Texas’s laws and statutes.

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    We Work with the Best Personal Injury Lawyer in Texas

    Our personal injury clinic is experienced in treating auto accident injuries. Our vast experience has given us the opportunity to develop excellent relationships with the best personal injury lawyers in the State of Texas. Personal injury lawyers love us because we provide compassionate, appropriate care and offer excellent documentation and fast follow-up so you don’t jeopardize your case. If you’ve been injured in an auto accident, call today for a free consultation and see why Alivio Health & Rehab has quickly become The Valley’s preferred personal injury clinic.

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